KRYOTURK consigns its own manufactured dry ice in packages with written instruction manual on. Shipment of the dry ice placed in insulated containers or styrofoam containers are also available. This packaging allows the use of safe and long term storage of dry ice. General usage of dry ice is in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, film sector and cleaning areas.

Dry ice is used as gaseouse state in quick-frozen sector, plants, consignment of frozen food for distant locations, especially in summer times protection and consignment of the fresh fish, ice cream and different types of medications.

Cleaning system applied by simple cleaning machines belongs to our company are equipped with high quality and low cost rather than other cleaning machines. Our cleaning machines have the latest technology and they are foreign products. Please look at the example pictures of the products cleaned with dry ice.

Before the cleaning process with soda blasting, it was carried out with the use of strong chemicals such as paint, rust or similar methods of cleaning the surface of the waste matter; sanding, scraping. Nowadays, soda blasting methods are applied which is more efficient than the old, difficult and costly methods.



What is Dry Ice? →

It is the solid state of Carbon Dioxide. Bypasses the solid phase and directly goes into gas phase. No sediment is left behind when it melts.

Obtainment of Dry Ice →

The carbon dioxide gas is obtained from various sources, cooled to -20°C after being subjected to the purification process to a liquid state under pressure of 20 bars. Liquid carbon dioxide is stored in a special steel and stored in isolated polyurethane tank.

General Features of Dry Ice →

– Colorless, odorless and does not contain moisture (water).

– It results from the pressure of Liquid CO2 gas with15 bar and pressing the -79 ºC.

– Dry Ice is produced in different sizes and shapes.

– Transported and stored in dry ice constainers styrofoam.

– Dry ice destroys the bacteria, insects and pests in its environment.

– It provides a hygienic environment. Because it is 1.50 times more heavier than air, inhaling too much in closed spaces is objectionable.

– It should definitely moved with gloves.

– Skin, eye contact or ingestion is definitely harmful to human health.

Application Areas Of Dry Ice →

• Food industry
• Greenhousing sector
• Cooling and freezing areas
• Pharmaceutical sector
• Fishing sector
• Ice cream sector